Deborah Kim Survival Guide (Updated)

Deborah Kim Survival Guide (Updated)

Deborah Kim – The Bookish Girl

About Deborah

Rivaling Eric Lachappa for class valedictorian, Deborah is viewed as a bookworm.  When Deborah isn’t studying, she is often found reading books and looking up the latest news on current events.  Thanks to her academic pursuits and hobbies Deborah is quite knowledgeable when it comes to repairing vehicles and generators around the camp.  While she may not be the most athletic among her fellow counselors, Deborah relies on her brains and light feet to survive.  If you prefer a stealthier approach and hope to avoid Jason, then Deborah is the character for you.

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How to Stay Alive

Deborah is more of a lone wolf character and is good at avoiding Jason.  With a perfect intelligence score of 10, she’s one of the best counselors for repairing vehicles and generators and is difficult to locate unless Jason uses Sense.  Even though running isn’t one of Deborah’s strengths, her light feet will reduce her chances of being discovered by Jason and will allow her to run short distances.

Fighting Jason one on one is not one of Deborah’s strengths.  Due to her low strength stat, Deborah is not very likely to stun Jason and will do minimal damage.  Your best offense against Jason is a good defense by staying out of sight and utilizing range weapons such as flare guns and shotguns.

Running is a viable option as Deborah since Jason is more likely to come across other counselors who are running and making a lot of noise.  If Jason is nearby however, it is easy to sneak by Jason by using a crouch walk.

Be warned though, if Jason catches you’re unlikely to break free.  To help your team try to stay near objective points and repair the vehicles as parts are brought over.  If you can repair the vehicles quickly and keep Jason out of arm’s length from you, you’ll have a good chance of survival.

Extra Tips:

  • At the beginning of a match, go for a flare gun as your first weapon.  Let Kenny, Adam, Buggzy, and more melee based characters use the bats and heavier weapons.
  • Use crouch walk around the vehicles and stay nearby so you can repair them.
  • Communicate with other counselors and let them know when you’ve installed an item in an objective point.
  • If you’re in a cabin by the two-person vehicle and you happen to find gas, just put it in.  Don’t travel all the way across a map just to put the gas or objective item in the 4-person vehicle.
  • If you have keys, keep them on you and let everyone know so they can protect you.  Or… drop the keys off at the nearest vehicle even if it hasn’t been fully repaired yet.  This way you increase the chances of someone picking you up on their way out if you’re cornered in a cabin.
  • Whatever you do, do not try to take on Jason alone with a melee weapon.
Has a very easy time fixing vehicles and generators. Poor luck, so is likely to have her weapons break and get injured climbing over broken windows.
Her high stealth skill allows her to sneak across camp and less likely to be sensed by JasonNot very fast compared to other counselors. Short distance runner.
Can tolerate the horrors of Camp Blood, but only for a while. Not strong. Will do the least amount of physical melee damage to Jason.
Vanessa Jones Survival Guide

Vanessa Jones Survival Guide

Vanessa Jones – The Athletic Girl

About Vanessa

Vanessa is an All-American track and field star at her school.  Leading her team to Nationals since freshman year, Vanessa developed a reputation for being the best sprinter in New Jersey.  When it comes to competition, Vanessa is always focused on winning and never letting her team down.   Vanessa’s speed allows her to control the pace of the game by using her mobility to find parts for vehicles and lead Jason away from injured counselors.  If you prefer speed and actively outpacing and juking Jason, Vanessa is a good choice for you.

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How To Stay Alive

Vanessa’s speed and stamina enable her to search locations quickly and rush to assist her teammates.  You can use her offensively to search for parts and harass Jason.  Or you could use her defensively to save counselors and kite Jason away.  While stealth and sneaking around may not be Vanessa’s style, it is important to not blow the cover of stealthier characters when using her.  She is ideal for a solo player who is willing to communicate with teammates and on occasion stun Jason and lead him away.

When playing as Vanessa, you don’t have to sprint to a cabin in the opening parts of a match.  Simply jog to the nearest cabin or even search outside for weapons, or items.  Even if Jason were to morph to your location, you can easily outrun him as long as you don’t waste your stamina by sprinting aimlessly across the map.  Of course if Jason does teleport next to you, RUN!

Your main goal if you want to escape with your life is to protect counselors who can repair vehicles or the fuse box for the phone.  If all of the counselors are dead, you will have a difficult time trying to escape.  Your low repair skill causes you to take more time and increases the probability of mistakes.

Playing as Vanessa takes initiative and constant communication on your part.  If you want to protect the lives of your fellow counselors, focus on searching areas quickly.  If you find an objective item, bring it to the objective point.  Do not install it yourself!  Instead, drop it right next to the objective point and inform your teammates of the item’s location.  This way another character with good repair skill can install the vehicle part while you distract Jason.

Your other objective is to keep Jason’s attention on you and lead him away from the slower counselors.  If you can keep Jason on you while you search for parts, you’ll bide time for your teammates to get things fixed and thus increase your overall odds of escape.  Oh and did I mention you get a real workout?

Extra Tips

  • Contact your teammates when you’ve found other items such as med spray, extra pocket knives (keep one for yourself), firecrackers, or the location of the fuse box.
  • The walkie talkie is your greatest asset in this game.  Keep providing updates when you can and know where Jason is and whether or not he is attacking a counselor.
  • Make sure you search an entire cabin before leaving it.  If you say you’ve searched an entire cabin and did not find any parts, you’d better be accurate.  It could make or break a game.
  • If you hear a counselor getting in trouble, run over and hit Jason to provide them time to hide or escape.
  • If you’ve brought all of the items to the objective points, focus on grabbing Jason’s attention and have him chase you.
The fastest counselor at Camp Blood. Great for kiting Jason and retrieving supplies. Not stealthy. Most likely to get sensed by Jason.
Long distance runner. Will have difficulty repairing any vehicle or generator.
Pretty lucky (6) so she's less likely to have her weapon break and less likely to take damage crawling through broken windows. More likely to freak out after witnessing too much of the horrors of Camp Blood and Jason.



Eric Lachappa Survival Guide

Eric Lachappa Survival Guide

Eric ‘J.R.’ Lachappa – The Class Clown

About Eric

Eric Lachappa is your typical class clown who likes to snoop about and cause mischief for a laugh.  When he isn’t playing Dungeons and Dragons with his friends, he is usually pulling pranks on unsuspecting ladies.  Leave it to him to lighten the mood, but don’t let that act fool you.  He’s very smart and is quite capable of repairing anything.  If you’re the type of character who wants to repair vehicles and keep the lights working at the camp while being able to elude Jason when necessary, Eric is a good fit for you.  While Eric may not rely on brute strength, his cunning and intellect are his greatest weapons in surviving the night at Camp Blood.

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How To Stay Alive

Due to Eric’s lack of speed and stamina, he is arguably one of the most difficult characters to use in Friday The 13th The Game.  Eric does best when teaming up with other counselors and staying in the vicinity of several cabins with many places to hide.  A direct confrontation with Jason will lead to a swift death.

At the start of the game get inside a house quickly.  You should not stay out in the open otherwise you risk Jason morphing on top of you.  Once you have your bearings and hopefully a weapon, or a vehicle-part,  use a walkie talkie to locate the vehicles and possibly the fuse box for the phone.  Do not leave the safety of your starting cabin unless you see a nearby counselor or if there are several cabins surrounding your location or if you are positive Jason isn’t around.  Your main weakness is the lack of speed and stamina so only travel long distances with a group or if you know Jason is distracted.

To increase your chances of survival, it is best to be in an area where there are 3 or 4 cabins close together. So in the event you incapacitate Jason, you can run and possibly hide in a near-by closet or under a bed to fool him.  The main building in Higgins Haven and Packanack can be useful for hiding, but have an escape plan and know where to move next if you need to make a break for it.

Extra Tips

  • Make sure you have a map and a walkie talkie.  Communication is crucial for Lachappa’s survival.
  • If you’re isolated in a cabin with no walkie talkie and you find a vehicle-part, take a weapon instead. Remember where the special part is and come back for it later.  Getting caught in the open with no weapon will lead to your death.
  • When the police are on their way and you have a good hiding spot, stay put.  Do not go into the open road unless you see another player you can team up with.
  • In the event Jason corners you and a counselor in a cabin, have the faster counselor lead Jason away while you hide under a bed or in a closet.  
Has a very easy time repairing vehicles and generators. The slowest runner in the group. Can only run short distances.
Can sneak around Camp Blood with ease due to his high stealth. Doesn't take too much for Eric to get scared. Shouldn't be exposed to the terrors of Camp Blood for a long period of time.
Has mediocre luck so might be less likely to take damage crawling over broken windows. Low strength rating means he'll do less melee damage to Jason.



Jason’s Abilities

Jason Voorhees has returned to Camp Crystal lake seeking to avenge his mother.  Supposedly people have seen Jason and claim that he wears a sack or a hockey mask.  The only man who saw Jason and lived to tell the tale was a young man named Tommy Jarvis, and he ended up in the asylum…  One thing is for certain, Jason is still out there and whether you escape or end up as one of Jason’s victims is up to you.  Let’s slay!

The 5 main abilities for Jason

Note:  Jason will begin one ability and slowly gain more abilities as the match goes on. 

Morph:  The Jason-player can choose a spot on his map and teleport to that location.  Depending on the type of Jason, morph may have a shorter or longer cooldown.  This is great for traveling long distances or if you need to cut off a counselor while your shift ability is still recharging.  Have you ever wondered why Jason was somehow able to appear everywhere at once?  This is the reason why.

Sense:  Jason’s life in the woods and his experiences hunting the horny teenagers around the lake have granted him the ability to smell fear.  For a limited time Jason-players can activate sense to find a player.  If they are too far away, they will appear as sound blips based on how much noise they make.  If players are nearby, Jason will see the outline of counselors in red through their fear.

Shift:  While Jason may seem slow at times, he has the ability to phase-out and reappear in a nearby location.  When shift is activated players will despawn and gain supernatural speed.  As they travel, the camera will take a first-person view and then return to third-person once the ability is deactivated and Jason reappears.  Shift is useful to close short distances and works well with sense if you’re hunting a particular counselor.

Stalk:  Stalk allows the Jason player to be sneaky and perform some stealth kills in the second half of the game.  When stalk is activated, the Jason player’s presence will no longer trigger the dramatic Jason music to alert counselors he is nearby.  Instead, the Jason music will be silent and will remain so until a counselor sees Jason.  Any counselor who sees Jason will be able to hear the music, while those who do not, will be unaware of his presence.  Stalk can be used for up to 3-minutes when standing still and less than 20 seconds if the Jason player is combining it with Shift.  While the Jason-player is not invisible, stalk provides Jason-players an advantage in setting up ambushes, sneaking up on counselors, and performing jump scares if they time the abilities just right.

Rage:  At around 12 minutes into the game, Jason gains his ultimate ability, rage.  Although rage is a passive ability, it is extremely deadly.  Once a Jason-player has rage, they smash their way instantly through doors and walls, and all of their abilities will recharge much faster.

Additional Tools:

Throwing Knives:  Jason-players can use throwing knives to injure counselors who are running away.  There are 20 knives scattered across the map that Jason can reach while other counselors cannot.  Once a knife has been thrown, it is gone.  Knives will not kill counselors unless they are extremely weak and on the verge of death.

Traps:  In order to survive in the wilderness during his teenage years, Jason taught himself how to use traps to catch food.  Jason-players can put Jason’s survival tactics to good use by strategically placing traps across the map.  These traps do more slightly more damage to counselors than the average bear trap.  Jason-players can see on their maps where a trap was placed and be able to tell if it was sprung through an audio cue.

Jason Breakdowns:  

Sack Head Jason

Classic Jason

Maggot Head Jason

Enchained Jason

Manhattan Jason

Hell Jason

Savini Jason

Savini Jason

What kind of Jason is this?: 

When you’re in hell, just keep on trucking.  If it worked for Jason twice, it can work for you!  This Jason is meant for players who love total destruction and toying with their prey.  As the game drags on, you will limit the number of hiding spots for counselors.  May the heavens help any counselors who attempt to boldly attack you in melee combat.

Pre-launch tips for playing as Tom Savini Jason: 

Lashing out at counselors as you despawn out of shift is a good idea since it will decrease their chances of escaping your weak grip.

Don’t let counselors take shelter in a cabin.  Break down those doors if you see them trying to make a plan.

You don’t have to destroy every door, but causing damage to important cabins players are known to hide in will decrease everyone’s chances of survival in the latter half of the game.

Teleporting to a likely inhabited spot and throwing everyone into panic at the beginning might be a good idea.

Tips for fighting this Jason: 

Use your speed and teamwork to kite the Jason-player around the map.  Be constantly on the move but be stealthy.

Hiding out in cabins is not a recommended choice.

If you start hearing the Jason chase music, begin to zigzag or risk having this Jason teleport and open up with a swing right on top of you.

Use long range weapons such as the flare gun and shotgun to deal damage to Jason and stay away from his melee weapon.

Going solo and staying on the move and giving players a chance to start the vehicles might be your best weapon to combat Savini Jason.

Hell Jason

What kind of Jason is this?

Not even the F.B.I. could kill Jason and keep him from this world.  Part 9 Jason, a.k.a. Hell Jason, is for those who like to be on the move constantly with an improved shift ability and taking the fight to counselors.  If you wanted to perform some good kills and not be afraid to take on more than one counselor in the beginning, this Jason is for you.  Your true talents won’t shine until the second half of the game, but you will have fun changing from an aggressive killer to a sneaky killer once you gain stalk.

Pre-launch tips for playing as Jason Part IX aka Hell Jason: 

With an increased stun resistance, you’re less likely to get knocked down, giving you time to perform slashes and kills.  Be aggressive in the beginning.

Due to your low hit points, shift and fake out players using flares and rifles.  Be wary of weapons that can do a lot of damage such as shotguns and axes.

Don’t pursue groups of 3 or more counselors.  Try to end the game quickly before players can get together and make a plan to escape.

Stack shift and stalk to perform memorable ambushes in the second half of the game.

Place your two traps strategically near important locations or places you feel counselors will run by.

Tips for fighting Jason and how to survive: 

A boat escape or escaping by land within the first 10 minutes is recommended.  Due to Hell Jason’s ability to get a reduced cooldown on shift and stalk, even the most agile of counselors will have a hard time escaping in the latter half of the game.  A boat escape is your best bet since this Jason isn’t a fast swimmer.  Although this Jason has fewer hit points, he is less likely to get stunned, so attempting to fight Jason in open combat is not a wise decision unless you have faith in your fellow teammates to back you up.  Even then, it might not be enough to send Jason back to hell a second time.