What kind of Jason is this?

Not even the F.B.I. could kill Jason and keep him from this world.  Part 9 Jason, a.k.a. Hell Jason, is for those who like to be on the move constantly with an improved shift ability and taking the fight to counselors.  If you wanted to perform some good kills and not be afraid to take on more than one counselor in the beginning, this Jason is for you.  Your true talents won’t shine until the second half of the game, but you will have fun changing from an aggressive killer to a sneaky killer once you gain stalk.

Pre-launch tips for playing as Jason Part IX aka Hell Jason: 

With an increased stun resistance, you’re less likely to get knocked down, giving you time to perform slashes and kills.  Be aggressive in the beginning.

Due to your low hit points, shift and fake out players using flares and rifles.  Be wary of weapons that can do a lot of damage such as shotguns and axes.

Don’t pursue groups of 3 or more counselors.  Try to end the game quickly before players can get together and make a plan to escape.

Stack shift and stalk to perform memorable ambushes in the second half of the game.

Place your two traps strategically near important locations or places you feel counselors will run by.

Tips for fighting Jason and how to survive: 

A boat escape or escaping by land within the first 10 minutes is recommended.  Due to Hell Jason’s ability to get a reduced cooldown on shift and stalk, even the most agile of counselors will have a hard time escaping in the latter half of the game.  A boat escape is your best bet since this Jason isn’t a fast swimmer.  Although this Jason has fewer hit points, he is less likely to get stunned, so attempting to fight Jason in open combat is not a wise decision unless you have faith in your fellow teammates to back you up.  Even then, it might not be enough to send Jason back to hell a second time.