5 Features I’m excited for in Classic World of Warcraft

I have a secret.  I LOVE World of Warcraft and have been playing it for 10+ years.  So when World of Warcraft announced that they’re getting close to releasing the classic version of World of Warcraft, I was psyched.  I thought to myself “finally a chance to go back to the original game.”  While I love World of Warcraft and appreciate how it is streamlined and user-friendly to new players, I felt a part of the adventure disappeared.  A part of the nostalgia, and magic of the game disappeared when certain features such as world flying was introduced. Certain areas also felt devoid of players when people could cue for Dungeons and Battlegrounds from capital cities and go out on adventures.

Blizzard announced that World of Warcraft Classic is launching from patch 1.12.  You might be asking what does that include exactly?  To simplify the list of features included, I took my top 5 for PvP and listed them here.

  1. Battlegrounds! Classic Alterac Valley, Warsong gulch, Arathi Basin.  Who is up for killing that center boss?
  2. World PvP features in Silithus and The Eastern Plaguelands.
  3. Thunderfury Blessed Blade of the Windseeker could be equipped in either hand.
  4. Raids up to Naxxramas and you got your classic 40-man raids
  5. Old school Southshore vs. Tarren Mill Battles!

What are you most excited for?  Share your thoughts in the comments!