Below are some stat charts I made for those who want to compare stats directly between specific counselors.  Scroll down for individual breakdowns of each character.  There are 10 counselors to choose from, but you have to unlock most over time by playing the game.

The stats and their meaning: 

Composure:  Is more of a tolerance level indicating how much your character can take before they freak out and panic.  Having a high composure reduces the rate that fear increases.  Fear fluctuates throughout a match and when your composure is gone, your fear levels are through the roof and you lose sight of your mini-map display and the screen looks something out of a 1930s horror movie.

Luck:  Increases your weapon durability and minor increases to many other stats.  These other stats include:

  • the amount of stamina consumed when performing a dodge while in combat stance
  • the amount of stamina you receive after landing an attack on Jason
  • the amount of stamina you receive after breaking free from Jason’s grab
  • the amount of stamina you lose when blocking one of Jason’s attacks
  • how often you stumble when your character is freaking out
  • the amount of noise you make
  • Chance to not take damage while climbing out of a broken window
  • the amount of swings you can take before your weapon breaks

Repair: Increases repair effectiveness

Speed: Increases overall top speed

Stamina: Increases the overall stamina pool and cost of actions.

#Note on stamina and speed:  The greater your stamina rating, the longer it takes for a counselor to recover their stamina pool.  Whereas a character with a low stamina pool may have a smaller amount of stamina, but will be able to regenerate faster (so think of them as short distance runners). 

Stealth:  Reduces the amount of noise generated and Jason’s ability to see.

Strength:  Increases attack damage with weapons and reduces the stamina cost of combat actions.

Counselor Stats Charts