Eric ‘J.R.’ Lachappa – The Class Clown

About Eric

Eric Lachappa is your typical class clown who likes to snoop about and cause mischief for a laugh.  When he isn’t playing Dungeons and Dragons with his friends, he is usually pulling pranks on unsuspecting ladies.  Leave it to him to lighten the mood, but don’t let that act fool you.  He’s very smart and is quite capable of repairing anything.  If you’re the type of character who wants to repair vehicles and keep the lights working at the camp while being able to elude Jason when necessary, Eric is a good fit for you.  While Eric may not rely on brute strength, his cunning and intellect are his greatest weapons in surviving the night at Camp Blood.

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How To Stay Alive

Due to Eric’s lack of speed and stamina, he is arguably one of the most difficult characters to use in Friday The 13th The Game.  Eric does best when teaming up with other counselors and staying in the vicinity of several cabins with many places to hide.  A direct confrontation with Jason will lead to a swift death.

At the start of the game get inside a house quickly.  You should not stay out in the open otherwise you risk Jason morphing on top of you.  Once you have your bearings and hopefully a weapon, or a vehicle-part,  use a walkie talkie to locate the vehicles and possibly the fuse box for the phone.  Do not leave the safety of your starting cabin unless you see a nearby counselor or if there are several cabins surrounding your location or if you are positive Jason isn’t around.  Your main weakness is the lack of speed and stamina so only travel long distances with a group or if you know Jason is distracted.

To increase your chances of survival, it is best to be in an area where there are 3 or 4 cabins close together. So in the event you incapacitate Jason, you can run and possibly hide in a near-by closet or under a bed to fool him.  The main building in Higgins Haven and Packanack can be useful for hiding, but have an escape plan and know where to move next if you need to make a break for it.

Extra Tips

  • Make sure you have a map and a walkie talkie.  Communication is crucial for Lachappa’s survival.
  • If you’re isolated in a cabin with no walkie talkie and you find a vehicle-part, take a weapon instead. Remember where the special part is and come back for it later.  Getting caught in the open with no weapon will lead to your death.
  • When the police are on their way and you have a good hiding spot, stay put.  Do not go into the open road unless you see another player you can team up with.
  • In the event Jason corners you and a counselor in a cabin, have the faster counselor lead Jason away while you hide under a bed or in a closet.  
Has a very easy time repairing vehicles and generators. The slowest runner in the group. Can only run short distances.
Can sneak around Camp Blood with ease due to his high stealth. Doesn't take too much for Eric to get scared. Shouldn't be exposed to the terrors of Camp Blood for a long period of time.
Has mediocre luck so might be less likely to take damage crawling over broken windows. Low strength rating means he'll do less melee damage to Jason.