Vanessa Jones – The Athletic Girl

About Vanessa

Vanessa is an All-American track and field star at her school.  Leading her team to Nationals since freshman year, Vanessa developed a reputation for being the best sprinter in New Jersey.  When it comes to competition, Vanessa is always focused on winning and never letting her team down.   Vanessa’s speed allows her to control the pace of the game by using her mobility to find parts for vehicles and lead Jason away from injured counselors.  If you prefer speed and actively outpacing and juking Jason, Vanessa is a good choice for you.

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How To Stay Alive

Vanessa’s speed and stamina enable her to search locations quickly and rush to assist her teammates.  You can use her offensively to search for parts and harass Jason.  Or you could use her defensively to save counselors and kite Jason away.  While stealth and sneaking around may not be Vanessa’s style, it is important to not blow the cover of stealthier characters when using her.  She is ideal for a solo player who is willing to communicate with teammates and on occasion stun Jason and lead him away.

When playing as Vanessa, you don’t have to sprint to a cabin in the opening parts of a match.  Simply jog to the nearest cabin or even search outside for weapons, or items.  Even if Jason were to morph to your location, you can easily outrun him as long as you don’t waste your stamina by sprinting aimlessly across the map.  Of course if Jason does teleport next to you, RUN!

Your main goal if you want to escape with your life is to protect counselors who can repair vehicles or the fuse box for the phone.  If all of the counselors are dead, you will have a difficult time trying to escape.  Your low repair skill causes you to take more time and increases the probability of mistakes.

Playing as Vanessa takes initiative and constant communication on your part.  If you want to protect the lives of your fellow counselors, focus on searching areas quickly.  If you find an objective item, bring it to the objective point.  Do not install it yourself!  Instead, drop it right next to the objective point and inform your teammates of the item’s location.  This way another character with good repair skill can install the vehicle part while you distract Jason.

Your other objective is to keep Jason’s attention on you and lead him away from the slower counselors.  If you can keep Jason on you while you search for parts, you’ll bide time for your teammates to get things fixed and thus increase your overall odds of escape.  Oh and did I mention you get a real workout?

Extra Tips

  • Contact your teammates when you’ve found other items such as med spray, extra pocket knives (keep one for yourself), firecrackers, or the location of the fuse box.
  • The walkie talkie is your greatest asset in this game.  Keep providing updates when you can and know where Jason is and whether or not he is attacking a counselor.
  • Make sure you search an entire cabin before leaving it.  If you say you’ve searched an entire cabin and did not find any parts, you’d better be accurate.  It could make or break a game.
  • If you hear a counselor getting in trouble, run over and hit Jason to provide them time to hide or escape.
  • If you’ve brought all of the items to the objective points, focus on grabbing Jason’s attention and have him chase you.
The fastest counselor at Camp Blood. Great for kiting Jason and retrieving supplies. Not stealthy. Most likely to get sensed by Jason.
Long distance runner. Will have difficulty repairing any vehicle or generator.
Pretty lucky (6) so she's less likely to have her weapon break and less likely to take damage crawling through broken windows. More likely to freak out after witnessing too much of the horrors of Camp Blood and Jason.