What kind of Jason is this?

From the depths of Camp Crystal Lake a monster has awakened…enter Enchained Jason.  Part VII Jason a.k.a Enchained Jason is meant for the kind of player who prefers to travel across the map using the water routes.  This Jason’s focus is not killing counselors on the land, but rather giving them a hard time when they try to use the boat.

Pre-launch tips for playing as Jason Part VII a.k.a Enchained Jason. 

. Due to your limited movement on the land, stick to the water when you need to pursue counselors and get to places quickly.

. Only chase counselors inland if you absolutely have to.

. Since this Jason only has a limited number of traps (2) place them strategically.

. Once you get stalk, staying and waiting for unsuspecting counselors to walk by might be a good ambush technique.

. If you have to use shift to catch up to the counselors, try to swing your weapon as you exit shift so you injure players and make it easier to grab them.

Tips for fighting Jason and not getting killed: 

Be very quiet in the opening parts of the match.  Enchained Jason has improved sense abilities so he’ll have an easier time finding if you make too much noise during the beginning.  Throughout to game be sure to keep your composure in check so you don’t give away your position.

Stay out of the water and even if you get the boat started, be careful Jason isn’t around.

You’re going to have a hard time knocking this Jason to the ground with weapon attacks, so stick to long range weapon such as the flare gun and shot gun to knock him down.

Stick to the land and use your speed to outpace Jason.  If you’re being chased draw the Jason-player inland.  You can easily kite this Jason between cabins if you’re a fast runner, but whatever you do, don’t let this Jason grab you.