As promised, here are my current counselor stats charts for Friday The 13th The Game as of 4/25/2017.  These charts are subject to change and I will do my best to keep them updated throughout the life cycle of this game.  (4 charts).  Keep in mind that these numbers aren’t everything, and there are mechanics determined by these numbers taking place in the background that affect the game.  I will explain these mechanics in my next post.

I’m adding a strategy guide section for Friday The 13th The Game to and I’ll let you all know once that is up and running.  This first image is the current stats chart for all camp counselors organized by name.


This next chart shows all of the camp counselors and their stats organized by trait.  Everyone’s overall speed and stamina got buffed after the beta, so even if your character has low stamina and speed, don’t worry too much about it.


This third chart is the black and white version of the first – Counselor stats organized by name.  This may be changed due to requests to a white text over black background so it’s easier on the eyes.


This 4th chart is the black and white version of the counselor stats for Friday The 13th organized by trait.