What is Battlesloths?

Welcome to Battlesloths2025!  The land of pizza, sloths, crazy hats, and pure pixel carnage!  Battlesloths is an example of a return to the Retro Gaming Era that has been executed well by veterans in the industry.  Battlesloths is a 1-4 player game with its core gameplay focusing on multiplayer. You can play online with friends and strangers or alone with bots that have surprisingly impressive aim and skill across all the maps.

The multiplayer segment has 4 modes:

  1. Slice Hunt. You bring back pizza slices that drop from fallen sloths to your base. First to a certain score wins.
  2. Golden Slice. A golden slice of pizza will spawn in a random location and your job is to bring that slice back without getting killed.
  3. Sloth Hunt. Basically a death match where the first to a certain number of kills wins.
  4. Last Sloth Standing. Death match with lives where you want to be the last sloth remaining.

What Makes The Game Standout

What makes this game standout for me are the little things. For example you’ll have arrows, blood, and burn marks remaining on the map so you’ll transform the map from a clean surface to a battlefield.

Over 1000 collectible hats you can use to customize your sloth!

Note:   If you want to be immortalized in the game you can join the Invisible Collective livestream on Twitch.  The lead artist will design you a sloth hat of your choosing.  Streams are every Wednesday night.  You can follow @slys on twitter or @Randygbk on twitter for up to date information and get in on the hat creation.  

The skill of the bots when it comes to completing objectives and blocking shots with swords and lightsabers is first rate and often times will make you curse out loud and forget you’re even playing against bots.

Every map has a theme to it. So one area designed in the shape of a continent will have three different sized levels with unique layouts and environmental hazards. You might have giant snowballs falling from the sky while you’re trying to shoot your friends or perhaps Mayan tablets, that when put combined form a gigantic stone guardian you can control and stomp your enemies with. No matter how many times you play Battlesloths, you’re going to get a unique experience.

On the rare occasion you’ll have a strange looking hat appear that when shot enough times, will suck everyone into a vortex leading to a secret game mode called the Golden Hat. In this mode you’ll have to keep control of the Golden Hat for 30 seconds in a level with tight spaces and little room for error.

Definitely play this game with friends on your LAN Game Nights. The matches are quick and easy and will provide a good laugh for everyone. More than 4 people at your party? No problem! With the fast pace of games you’ll be switching off every two minutes or so.

Challenge Mode

Two months ago the game launched a challenge mode that teaches you how to improve your skills across all weapons and maps. It’s challenging on the maximum difficulty level, and if you can pass all of them, I guarantee your friends will stand very little chance against you.


My only complaint so far with the game is that there is currently no story mode. I know designing games takes hours and lots of people, but if a story mode or single-player campaign were introduced down the line, it’d make the game feel more complete and provide additional reasons to return to it after you’ve played all of the levels and beaten the challenges. I’m looking forward to what Invisible Collective has in store for the game’s future. Great game everyone.