Learning to Draw

Today’s post will likely be short, since I don’t want to reveal too much about the game.  What I can say though is that the artwork is coming along well.  At this rate I should have some cool things to show on this Tuesday’s Game Dev video update and perhaps even one of the new levels if I feel it’s ready.  I also discovered some additional tweaks to add for the Jason level.  Such as blood to the machete, and a brighter background so players can see the black blocks easier.

One of the main issues I’ve come across is distinguishing between two characters because they both have similar facial features.  I’m not going to reveal them, but I think you’ll see why once the final version of the game is done.  While I don’t think the full version of the game will be done by this Tuesday, I think I can get it ready to have my friends and family test it by next week.  Below is the before and after shots of the Scream-themed ball I was working on.  I tried to get a general outline of what I wanted to use and then I focused on angling the mask to match the film.  Since I’m only using two colors, it didn’t take too long to create, but I’m proud of how the second version came out.

(Before) Getting a general outline of the face

(After) Working on angles, polishing, and adding some shadow where the hood is.

To improve my art skills I’ve joined some online pixel art courses, so hopefully the art will improve in the next games I make.

Looking forward to Tuesday!