Video Update!

I finally feel like the game is going places with regards to progress.  Today I launched my first video update for game development on my YouTube channel and I hope to make it a weekly post.  One of the major things I need to work on in general is just being consistent with uploading when it comes to YouTube.   So while I work on the more advanced videos, I can post a quick game dev update.  This video features a first draft of one of the levels in my game: Horror Block Breaker. Check it out below at the bottom of this post!

Goals for the game next week:

  • fix the broken ball code so the ball doesn’t get caught in a boring loop (where it bounces from side to side)
  • finish the sprites for the paddles and if possible the balls as well
  • finish the rough outline of the remaining levels
  • Incorporate feedback from the comments in the video below
  • start incorporating sound effects into the game
  • add cracks in the blocks to show they’ve been hit (2-hit blocks and 3-hit blocks)
  • add blood spurts when blocks are destroyed

Long term goals (week after next, but I understand they could take longer):

  • arrange for 8-bit music to play in each level (I have content creators in mind to ask for permission to use their music for this project.  We’ll see what happens).
  • get the game uploaded on game bucket and

The Video: