Tiffany Cox – The Flirty Girl

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Where Tiffany lacks in grades, she makes up for in beauty, and athleticism.  With her highest rating in stealth, she is ideal for the kind of player who might want to go alone or even help kite Jason  or retrieve parts to vehicles.  While she may not be the most ideal for fighting Jason head on, she is a great companion for those who need a buddy and someone to distract Jason while they make a play.  As a Tiffany player, it is recommended that you don’t attempt to repair vehicles or attack Jason with a melee weapon.  Flare guns and shot guns will be very useful for you since your strength is a 2.  Help out the nerds by keeping Jason off their backs and you just might survive the night at Camp Blood.

Very sneaky with the highest stealth rating. Least likely to be sensed by Jason.Unintelligent. Has a difficult time repairing anything.
Long distance runner.Not strong, so will do minimal melee damage to Jason.
Decent speed allows her to outrun Jason and most counselors. Good for kiting Jason and searching for supplies.Doesn't take much for Tiffany to lose her cool. Can't handle the horrors of Camp Blood.