Jenny Myers – The Girl Next Door

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The infamous survivor girl in horror movies has been reincarnated as Jenny Myers, the girl next door.  With a high composure of 10, it will take a lot to unnerve this young lady.  Jenny is great for support and solo.  She does all the little things right her with luck and composure, so she can withstand being around the killer and gruesome scenes of death and mayhem.  Jenny players also have a greater chance of escaping the killer with her stealth rating of 6.  A good choice for those players wanting to answer the age old question, “Do they have what it takes to survive in a horror movie and become a final survivor girl?”  Jenny should not attempt to engage the Jason-player in open combat since she has the weakest strength, and she should not attempt to repair vehicles or generators unless absolutely necessary.  Jenny is the prime example that you don’t need to be the smartest or the strongest in order to survive a horror movie.

Can tolerate the horrors of Camp Blood the most. Best equipped to face Jason without freaking out immediately. Has difficulty repairing vehicles and generators.
Very lucky so her weapons are less likely to break and she'll take less damage crawling over broken windows. Not very fast compared to most counselors. (short distance runner).
Has decent stealth so she can snoop around Camp Blood quietly and is less likely to be sensed by Jason. Not strong. Will do the least amount of melee damage to Jason.