Brandon ‘Buggzy’ Wilson – The Jock

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Being the captain of his school’s basketball team and football team, Buggzy is the strongest of all the counselors.  What he lacks for in smarts he makes up for in strength.  Buggzy is your best shot of doing the most damage and knocking Jason to the ground (temporarily).  Players can also use Buggzy’s speed and stamina to kite Jason, scavenge cabins for parts, or do hit and run attacks on Jason.  With Buggzy your best defense might be a good offense, but don’t get cocky.  It won’t take a lot to frighten Buggzy and if he loses his cool he’ll be more likely to trip due to his low luck rating.

Strongest counselor. Will do the most physical damage to Jason.Not very bright, so it will take longer to repair vehicles and generators.
Very fast and is great for kiting Jason and searching for supplies.Poor luck so he's more likely go have his weapon break and get injured crawling through broken windows.
High stamina allows him to run long distances. Can keep his cool, but won't take much for Buggzy to panic.