A.J. Mason – The Rocker Chick

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A.J. Mason is your punk rocker chick who has good taste in music.  With her great stealth, intelligence, and composure, A.J. is great for players wanting to be a lone wolf and sneak quietly across the camp ground.  Even if the bookish girl or the class clown are not nearby, A.J. could easily repair any vehicle or generator.  Very similar to Adam Palomino, A.J. knows how to deal with stress and can remain calm despite seeing Jason killing people or the remains of one of her counselors – she doesn’t scare easily.  Surviving the night as A.J. Mason will depend on you not being discovered by Jason in the open.  With her low speed and stamina, she can be picked off easily if she has no place to hide and no one to protect her.

Very sneaky and difficult to detect. Terrible luck. More likely to have weapons break and get injured crawling through broken windows.
Can repair vehicles faster than most counselors.Not as fast and can't run long distance compared to most counselors.
can tolerate being around Jason and seeing the horrors of Camp Blood. Not very strong so she won't do much damage to Jason and less likely to knock him down.