What kind of Jason is this?: 

When you’re in hell, just keep on trucking.  If it worked for Jason twice, it can work for you!  This Jason is meant for players who love total destruction and toying with their prey.  As the game drags on, you will limit the number of hiding spots for counselors.  May the heavens help any counselors who attempt to boldly attack you in melee combat.

Pre-launch tips for playing as Tom Savini Jason: 

Lashing out at counselors as you despawn out of shift is a good idea since it will decrease their chances of escaping your weak grip.

Don’t let counselors take shelter in a cabin.  Break down those doors if you see them trying to make a plan.

You don’t have to destroy every door, but causing damage to important cabins players are known to hide in will decrease everyone’s chances of survival in the latter half of the game.

Teleporting to a likely inhabited spot and throwing everyone into panic at the beginning might be a good idea.

Tips for fighting this Jason: 

Use your speed and teamwork to kite the Jason-player around the map.  Be constantly on the move but be stealthy.

Hiding out in cabins is not a recommended choice.

If you start hearing the Jason chase music, begin to zigzag or risk having this Jason teleport and open up with a swing right on top of you.

Use long range weapons such as the flare gun and shotgun to deal damage to Jason and stay away from his melee weapon.

Going solo and staying on the move and giving players a chance to start the vehicles might be your best weapon to combat Savini Jason.