Achievement Unlocked

Hello everyone!  I know it’s been awhile since we last had a chat, but I’m excited to share some updates with you.  I’m pleased to announce that I finally finished my long-term project of writing a book, and The Jet Program and You is now published on amazon!  Hooray!  Achievement Unlocked!  (somebody cue the Final Fantasy 7 victory theme music).  While my new book has no relation to gaming or game development, it’s an important topic to me because I lived in Japan for three years and have studied the language for almost 10 years.   This book marks the end of a long chapter in my life.  That doesn’t mean I’m quitting Japanese or anything, it’s just that I’m switching my mindset as I pursue a creative career in the gaming industry.  Of course you already know this story if you’ve been reading the blog since day one, but that’s why I wrote the book.  I wanted to provide some closure and try to help people who are wanting to teach or work in Japan.  If you’re curious about the book you can see it on

So now what? 

With the book finished, I’ve regained an additional 4 to 5 hours of my day.  The book took up a lot of my time, but now I can focus on the other projects I was working on and give you all an idea of what to expect.

Blog Content:

  1. Updating all of the Friday The 13th Guides
  2. Journey Updates 
  3. Philosophy of a Gamer / Unique Posts
  4. Game Reviews 
  5. Mad-Eye’s Tip of the week videos and more 
Updating all of the Friday the 13th Guides

I feel that with the latest update that is about to launch, Gun Media and Illfonic are finally launching the full game they’ve wanted players to enjoy. New counselors and Jasons have been introduced and some game mechanics have been altered as well, so you can expect to see a major overhaul in the Friday the 13th section of this site.

Journey Updates 

PAX East was a real eye opener for me with regards to knowledge and opportunities.  I learned so much as I spoke with Community managers, YouTubers, Twitch streamers, Bloggers, Writers, Podcasters, Developers and more.  I plan to share some of the lessons I learned as I debrief from PAX East and share some awesome photos I took as well.

Philosophy of a Gamer 

Whenever I play games with friends online, we tend to have philosophical discussions you’d often hear in a podcast.  While I’m not in the position yet to make a weekly podcast, I thought I would start sharing some thoughts about the current gaming industry and what it means to be a gamer in 2018 via blog posts.

Game Reviews 

As I’ve said before, it’s time for me to expand my gaming palate and play a variety of games.  I’ll first provide an initial impression after playing the first few hours and then I’ll write a more comprehensive review with clips to emphasize points.

Mad-Eye’s Tip of the week and more 

Mad-Eye’s tip of the week for Friday the 13th will be making a return and I’ll be returning to a few old series and finishing some new ones.  Since game development and training myself in content creator skills is my main focus at the moment, my first goal is to get familiar with posting videos three times a week.  Once I get that 3x a week schedule locked in place, I will focus on getting faster with editing and inserting effects within my time constraints.

See you in a bit!