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Video Editing Services and Portfolio

Below are the videos that demonstrate some my editing skills.  You can watch all of them on this site or on my YouTube channel.  Although many of these are gaming videos, I’m comfortable making videos on any subject area.  Enjoy!  For business inqueries contact me at

Friday The 13th: The Game – 1950’s Horror Intro

A short 25-second horror intro taken from my “How To Stalk” video.  This was filmed by editing music from the movie: Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein.  Then my friends and I synced our movements to the shortened audio clip I created in Adobe Premiere Pro, and I added the black and white coloring for a finishing touch.

Editing Skills shown: 

– black and white

– syncing music

– sound editing   

Human Fall Flat Shenanigans with Friends

As I begin to rebrand madeyegames and Mad-Eye Yokai, I found a really cool physics 3D puzzle game called Human Fall Flat.  While there is no real story, the game does provide a lot of fun due to the game’s ragdoll effects.

Editing Skills shown: 

– sound design

– inserting music 

– inserting sound effects 

– Cutting down footage from 1 hour to 7 minutes.  

Med-Spray The Freshmaker

This is a spoof commercial promoting one of my favorite games.  I took the original freshmaker jingle that was 3 minutes and made a 1-minute version.  Then I coordinated volunteers to use in-game mechanics to tell a story with nothing but audio.  I earned the Creator of the Week award on (Gun Media and Illfonic) thanks to this video.

Editing Skills shown: 

– Jump cuts

–  cutting down audio 

– image overlays (as you can see with the med-spray cans)

– slow motion

– video transitions 

Friday The 13th: The Game Escape The Grendel Theory Video

This is a theory video I made where I discuss the recent announcement of Jason X and the Grendel Map being included in the game.  At about 30 seconds in the video you can see some 2D animation I made completely from scratch to simulate how a match would work in the game.

Editing Skills Shown:  

– 2D animation

– 2D design

MSI GS63VR Stealth Gaming Notebook Unboxing

This was one of my earlier videos before I learned Adobe Premiere and was just learning to edit.  MSI Japan wanted people to make unboxing videos, so I took up the challenge.  All I had back then was a tiny camera phone and two tripods to capture the footage.  Then I incorporated in-game footage taken from the laptop to showoff some of the graphics.

Editing Skills shown: 

– voice over in a foreign language and translation (I didn’t have a good microphone back then and limited supplies)

– manual zooms from a phone camera

– use of high and low angles to display a product

– speed up footage @ 1:45

– incorporation of English subtitles

Batman Let’s Play

An attempt at a Let’s Play of an old game called Batman Arkham Asylum.  I plan to continue this down the road as it was a lot of fun to make.  For this video I made a television-style intro where the characters appear individually with their name at the bottom in time with them music.  I also took an hour worth of footage and narrowed it to 15 minutes.

Editing Skills shown:  

– television style opening with jump cuts

– shortening of footage to tell the main parts of a story 

– image overlays to show off the “BAM!” and “POW” sound effects.

Virtual Cabin 2.0 Theory Video

The Virtual cabin is an in-game museum in the Friday The 13th Game.  Version 2.0 is releasing in the coming weeks, so I made a theory video on what players can expect in the update.  I made a customized intro using spooky music from the 1950s and various audio effects and cinemagraphic cuts and zooms.

Editing Skills shown:

– custom intros 

– use of music 

– inserting film clips in videos and adjusting their volume

– use of image overlays from twitter

– visual cuts and zooms

How To Stalk in Friday The 13th: The Game

A tutorial video on how to use Jason Voorhees’s underated ability “Stalk” in Friday The 13th: The Game (2017).  The intro was an extended shot where I used my own abbreviated version of the intro from Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein.  From there I used a mix of text and a split screen to provide tips.  This is one of my most popular videos.

Editing Skills shown: 

– shortened music

– syncing movements to music

– black and white coloring 

– text overlays 

– split screen @5:24

Friday The 13th: The Game Launch Guide

The final video I made before making the switch from Windows Movie Maker to Adobe Premiere Pro.  This is a heavily edited information video that discusses several mechanics in Friday The 13th: The Game.  I took several hours worth of footage and chose the best parts to illustrate my talking points.

Editing Skills shown: 

– inserting music 

– syncing video cuts with audio 

– choosing multiple video clips from several hours of footage 

– making my own still images / slides to emphasize points  

– adding text over a video 

– using a mix of video and still photos to make a point 

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