What kind of Jason is this? 

Even Jason Voorhees loves the ‘Big Apple’.  This Jason is for those who want to specialize in memorable ambush kills towards the end game using stalk.  This Jason also specializes in flushing out players hiding in cabins throughout a match.  Although you might not be very fast on the land, your destruction ability to break through doors and your fast movement in the water will make for some unpredictable game play.

Pre-launch tips for playing as Jason Part VIII a.k.a. Manhattan Jason

. Navigate the map using water routes

. Make sure players aren’t trying to escape using the car or police, so guard those positions when you can.

. Due to your weak grip strength, I recommend injuring the counselors with your weapon first and then grabbing them.

. Charge through cabin doors to flush out counselors who are trying to hide and raise their fear level.  You have an easier time breaking down doors and walls, so use it to your advantage.

. Build-up a counselor’s fear so you’ll have an easier time finding them if they escape you.  You can only use sense for a limited time, so use it wisely.

Tips for fighting Jason and not getting killed: 

Counselors, your primary goal is to escape within 10 minutes.  Use this Jason’s weak sense ability to stay out of sight in the beginning and repair the vehicles quickly.  While a boat escape might not be ideal, do your best to escape within 10 minutes. Due to this Jason’s increased stalk ability, you will be at risk of losing track of him and be more susceptible to ambushes or getting picked off. If this is a skilled Jason-player who can combine shift and stalk…all I can say is you’re all doomed.  Staying in cabins for long periods of time is not recommended since this Jason can destroy barricades quickly.  Stay on the move and stay inland.