Kenny Riedell – Head Counselor

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Kenny is a balanced character who is the Jack of All Trades and Master of None.  Being the head counselor at Camp Crystal Lake, Kenny has to wear many hats in getting the camp ready for the summer.  Due to his background, Kenny is a great starter choice for players wanting to try a bit of everything and be able to fill in a gap the team might need.  This character is a recommended choice for those who aren’t sure what their play style is and want to get a feel for the game.

Can do everything and fill in any position the survivors need. Jack of All Trades and Master of None. Can do any task for the group, but won't do it as good or fast compared to others.
Great choice for beginning players. Players may feel frustrated if they only stick to one play style with Kenny.
Great for players who want to freestyle and do a mix of everything. With the amount of possibilities for Kenny, players might find themselves hesitant to make a decision.