Chad Kensington – The Preppy Guy 

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Chad is your classic lady’s man and preppy rich kid.  If your girlfriend is hanging out with Chad, watch out.  Girls want to date him and guys want to be him.  Chad’s high luck rating makes him a unique character among his counselors in that he is less likely to injure himself after diving through windows, and less likely to have his weapon break, and less likely to trip even when he’s afraid.  Chad’s luck and speed make him a great counselor to scout for supplies, bring back parts for a vehicle or kite Jason outside or through cabins.  He can even give Jason the slip at times with his decent stealth skill.  Due to his composure however, it’s not recommended that Chad be exposed to Jason for long periods of time or go near where Jason has recently killed.  Chad can only take so much before his fear gets the best of him and players lose sight of their mini-map and surroundings.  It is also not recommended that Chad-players attempt to repair vehicles or generators unless they have no other option.

The luckiest guy alive. Less likely to have his weapon break and less likely to take damage crawling over broken windows. Can't handle the terrors of Camp Blood or stand the sight of Jason. Takes very little for Chad to panic.
Very fast and rivals the athletic girl for speed. Great for kiting Jason and searching for supplies. Not very bright. Difficult to get any vehicles or generators fixed.
Decent stealth skill so he won't make much noise and is less likely to be sensed by Jason. Not very strong so won't do much damage to Jason and less likely to knock him out.