Adam Palomino – The Edgy Guy

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Due to Adam’s part time job in a machine shop, he knows his way around a car and is quite strong.  Adam is a great support character who can help knockdown Jason due to his high strength.  With his composure being a 7, Adam can endure being in Jason’s presence and seeing the horrors of Camp Blood.  He is great to help protect other counselors who might need some time to escape or lack the strength to do a lot of damage to Jason.  His intelligence stat allows him to be proficient in repairing generators and vehicles faster than most counselors.  Stealth and speed aren’t great for Adam so making a quick getaway isn’t his style, but Adam knows how to remain calm and help his fellow counselors survive the night at Camp Blood.  Rumor around the campfire says that Adam has a thing for A.J. Mason.

Decent at repairingPoor luck so his weapon is more likely to break, and more prone to injury crawling over broken windows.
Can tolerate being around Jason longer than most counselorsNot very good at hiding from Jason
Better chance of knocking down Jason due to his strength. Doesn't have as much stamina compared to most counselors.