What kind of Jason is this? 

This Jason is the iconic hockey mask Jason most people think about when they hear his name.  Classic Jason is for the player who loves taking the offensive approach against counselors and performing a mix of weapon attacks and executions.  With superior weapon damage and grip strength, this Jason is great for those wanting to quickly dispatch counselors.  Classic Jason is great for any player who doesn’t wanted to be limited to the land or water.

Pre-launch tips for playing as Jason Part 3 a.k.a. Classic Jason: 

. Injuring counselors with your weapon and then grabbing them will decrease their likelihood of escaping your grip.

. Performing ambushes and jump scares using your stalk ability might be difficult due to the limited amount of time you can use stalk.

. Wear down counselors’ endurance one at a time by using a mix of morph, shift, and sprint.  You can run forever, and they can’t.

. Hitting a counselor with your weapon right out of shift will increase a counselor’s chance of getting injured and allow you to get a kill.

. Since your sense ability doesn’t last very long try to find your next target quickly.

. If you see a group of counselors inside a cabin, try to break the windows to increase their fear so you have an easier time finding them in the future when you use sense.

Tips for fighting Jason and not getting killed: 

If you’re a counselor with a high composure and stealth rate, you’ll probably be okay at first going solo.  This Jason’s limitation for sense will be great for those wanting to mainly hide and stay out of sight.  For those who don’t have a very good stealth rating or composure rating, I wouldn’t attempt to fight this Jason unless you have a friend.  If you’re injured and Jason grabs you…you’re likely going to die.  Teaming up against this Jason with a friend will increase your odds of survival since you have a greater chance of knocking him down with weapon attacks.  Be warned, only try to fight this Jason if you’re backed into a corner.  Long range attacks will also be useful since you don’t want to get too close to Jason’s weapon.