About Me

Hello fellow gamer.  My name is Adam Johnson.  I’m a 27-year old gamer, translator, YouTuber, and now blogger with a quest to carve a life in the video game industry.  I belong to a family of four.  For years, we were spread all over the world.  I was living in Japan, my sister in London (recently married) and my parents in Boston.    I lived in Japan for three years and studied Japanese for eight.  Until the beginning of March I was working as a high school English teacher in Tokyo.  The job was fun.  I got to teach classes by myself and inspire Japan’s youth with games to learn English, but I felt empty.  I knew that being a teacher in Japan was not my life goal, and I had always wanted to go into game development.  

Back in July of 2016, I made a YouTube channel with the name Mad-Eye Yokai.  The channel focused on Friday The 13th: The Game.  Due to my schedule of being a full-time teacher, I could only post a new video once every 10 days.  YouTube has been absolutely great and the more I did it, the stronger my connection to the videogame industry grew. 


My double life as a teacher and YouTuber was fun, but I wanted more.  I returned home to the USA on March 8th to assist my family and pursue my goal of trying to break into the videogame industry full-time.  I attended PAX East on the 10th, and I haven’t looked back since.  Within one week I made this blog, Mad-Eye Games and with it a promise to myself.

For two years, I will devote my entire time to establish an online business in the video game industry as a reporter, YouTuber, and game developer.  The goal is to either gain enough skills so I can be employed somewhere in the industry (preferably on the creative end) or make a living through this developing business and go indie.  Win or lose, I want to have no regrets and at least try to fulfill my dreams. 

I hope you’ll follow along on my journey.  Mad-Eye Games will be updated frequently with various types of content from gaming reviews, tips and tricks, games I make, resources, and news in the videogame industry that I hope will benefit you with knowledge, information, and entertainment. 

Game on!