Enchained Jason

What kind of Jason is this?

From the depths of Camp Crystal Lake a monster has awakened…enter Enchained Jason.  Part VII Jason a.k.a Enchained Jason is meant for the kind of player who prefers to travel across the map using the water routes.  This Jason’s focus is not killing counselors on the land, but rather giving them a hard time when they try to use the boat.

Pre-launch tips for playing as Jason Part VII a.k.a Enchained Jason. 

. Due to your limited movement on the land, stick to the water when you need to pursue counselors and get to places quickly.

. Only chase counselors inland if you absolutely have to.

. Since this Jason only has a limited number of traps (2) place them strategically.

. Once you get stalk, staying and waiting for unsuspecting counselors to walk by might be a good ambush technique.

. If you have to use shift to catch up to the counselors, try to swing your weapon as you exit shift so you injure players and make it easier to grab them.

Tips for fighting Jason and not getting killed: 

Be very quiet in the opening parts of the match.  Enchained Jason has improved sense abilities so he’ll have an easier time finding if you make too much noise during the beginning.  Throughout to game be sure to keep your composure in check so you don’t give away your position.

Stay out of the water and even if you get the boat started, be careful Jason isn’t around.

You’re going to have a hard time knocking this Jason to the ground with weapon attacks, so stick to long range weapon such as the flare gun and shot gun to knock him down.

Stick to the land and use your speed to outpace Jason.  If you’re being chased draw the Jason-player inland.  You can easily kite this Jason between cabins if you’re a fast runner, but whatever you do, don’t let this Jason grab you.

Maggot Head Jason

What kind of Jason is this?

IT’S ALIVE! IT’S ALIVE!  Jason Part 6 a.k.a Maggot Head Jason was brought back to life by a lightning strike.  Revived and hungry for blood, Jason is out for revenge.  If you like locking on to individual counselors throughout a match and setting the pace of the game, this Jason is for you.  With an opening set of 4 knives and improved sense and shift abilities, the Jason-player will have an easy time pursuing individual counselors.

Pre-launch tips for playing as Jason Part VI a.k.a. Maggot Head Jason: 

. Use sense and shift at the same time to pursue your target and wear down their stamina.

. Feel free to mix things up with all of your abilities and harass counselors with throwing knives.

. If you time things just right, you might be able to lead counselors towards any traps you set.  Then shift towards them for an easy kill.

. Once you receive stalk, try to stack shift and stalk at the same time to appear right behind counselors for memorable jump scares.  Kudos to you if you can pull it off as they are closing a cabin door and locking themselves in.

. Save your morph ability if the police arrived or the counselors managed to get a vehicle started. Don’t let those kids escape!

Tips for fighting Jason and not getting killed: 

In the early stages of the game, don’t run as much.  With this Jason’s high sense ability, he’ll be able to find you very easily if you make too much noise.

Be sure to stay away from the broken windows if Jason is next to them.  The Jason-player could easily throw a knife inside the cabin.

In the second half of the match, always close the door behind you and lock it since Jason might be trying to shift his way inside while using stalk.

Staying in groups of 2 might help you escape encounters with this Jason since he has fewer hit points and is less likely to block attacks.

Classic Jason

What kind of Jason is this? 

This Jason is the iconic hockey mask Jason most people think about when they hear his name.  Classic Jason is for the player who loves taking the offensive approach against counselors and performing a mix of weapon attacks and executions.  With superior weapon damage and grip strength, this Jason is great for those wanting to quickly dispatch counselors.  Classic Jason is great for any player who doesn’t wanted to be limited to the land or water.

Pre-launch tips for playing as Jason Part 3 a.k.a. Classic Jason: 

. Injuring counselors with your weapon and then grabbing them will decrease their likelihood of escaping your grip.

. Performing ambushes and jump scares using your stalk ability might be difficult due to the limited amount of time you can use stalk.

. Wear down counselors’ endurance one at a time by using a mix of morph, shift, and sprint.  You can run forever, and they can’t.

. Hitting a counselor with your weapon right out of shift will increase a counselor’s chance of getting injured and allow you to get a kill.

. Since your sense ability doesn’t last very long try to find your next target quickly.

. If you see a group of counselors inside a cabin, try to break the windows to increase their fear so you have an easier time finding them in the future when you use sense.

Tips for fighting Jason and not getting killed: 

If you’re a counselor with a high composure and stealth rate, you’ll probably be okay at first going solo.  This Jason’s limitation for sense will be great for those wanting to mainly hide and stay out of sight.  For those who don’t have a very good stealth rating or composure rating, I wouldn’t attempt to fight this Jason unless you have a friend.  If you’re injured and Jason grabs you…you’re likely going to die.  Teaming up against this Jason with a friend will increase your odds of survival since you have a greater chance of knocking him down with weapon attacks.  Be warned, only try to fight this Jason if you’re backed into a corner.  Long range attacks will also be useful since you don’t want to get too close to Jason’s weapon.

Sack Head Jason

What kind of Jason is this?

Sack Head Jason is arguably the most human in the Friday The 13th franchise.  He is skilled at covering long distances quickly with his improved morph ability and can wear down counselors’ endurance by sprinting after them.  Sack Head Jason will keep players on their toes and alert due to the large number of traps he can place across the map.  If you like leaving traps and giving counselors a hard time near objective points and guarding vehicles this is the Jason for you.

Pre-launch tips for playing as Jason Part 2 a.k.a. Sack Head Jason

. Place a trap at important locations such as the entrance to vehicles and repair boxes where the phone is located.

. If a group of counselors is hiding in a cabin with only 1 or 2 windows to escape, you can box them in by placing a trap right where they would land after crawling out a window.

. Pay attention to sounds since once a trap has been sprung, you can use your mini map to check which trap was triggered and then morph right to it for an easy kill.

. Only use shift when you have to, and if that is on cooldown, use morph to cut off counselors who have a bit of a head start.

. Don’t chase counselors in the water.  Due to your slow movement speed in the water, counselors can easily escape from you if you openly chase them.  If you want to kill a counselor who is running down the game clock in the water, use stealth and slowly approach them in the water since they cannot see you.

. If the boat is one of the escape vehicles spawned in the opening parts of a match, make sure counselors don’t get it started since you will have a difficult time chasing them if they successfully startup the boat.

Tips for avoiding Sack Head Jason and not getting killed:

You’re going to want to be on the move constantly and stay in groups when fighting Sack Head Jason.  If you stay in a cabin too long or perhaps take too long to start the vehicles, Sack Head will likely trap the areas, leaving you with very limited escape options.   Stick with a buddy so you can buy them time to escape a Jason trap or just lend support if they need help.

Sack Head Jason has weak defenses meaning you’re going to have a better chance of stunning him if you have two counselors swinging at him instead of one.  Also since Jason’s weapon swing cooldown or timing was increased, you’ll have a better shot at finding an opening.  Once you knock down Jason, run!  Shift is one of this Jason’s weaknesses, so if he already burned it earlier, you’ll have a good head start.

Since Sack Head Jason has a slow swim speed, you’ll have a better chance outrunning him if you escape via boat, just watch out for traps along the way.

Upcoming Jason Strategy Guide Section

Upcoming Jason Strategy Guide Section

Hey everyone,

I know it has been a while since the last update, but I’ve been busy working on the upcoming Jason Strategy Guide section for the Friday  The 13th Page.  This is going to be a quick post to show you that I’m alive and that some cool content is coming.  If possible I will try to get the guides finished by tomorrow for everyone to see.  Here is a small taste of what’s to come.  I did some photo editing with the original Jason selection screen and explained the strengths and weaknesses of each Jason.  I hope you guys are looking forward to tomorrow’s update as much as I am.

– Mad-Eye Yokai